Types of Addiction Treatment

Types of Addiction Treatment:

If you are struggling with drug addiction and would like to receive recovery treatment, there are a few factors that you should consider. Alcohol Addiction Centers Kansas City offers many different types of addiction treatment and it is good for you to be aware of them. Understanding the recovery process and what you can expect when entering into recovery will help to put you at ease and prepare you for what lies ahead.

Some types of addiction treatment includes cognitive behavioral therapy which helps the addict identify which situations, people, emotions, activities etc. will most likely provoke them to abuse drugs or alcohol.

Relapse prevention also helps the addict identify triggers that may lead them to start using again, and the addict also learns how to manage or avoid these things. Another psychological treatment is motivational interviewing which reinforces the addict's values and moral compass to stay focused on recovery and sobriety.

There are three main goals that drug addiction treatment tries to meet:

  • For the addict to stop using drugs or alcohol
  • For the addict to remain clean/sober and live a drug-free lifestyle
  • For the addict to become a productive member of his or her family and society
  • For the addict to live the life that they've always wanted and truly deserve

Drug Addiction:

Although drug addiction is a complicated problem that affects the physical, psychological, and emotional state of the addict, there are researched, evidence-based solutions for successfully recovering from drug addiction. Treatment should be made readily available to everyone who needs it. There is no cookie-cutter approach to treating addiction because every person is unique in their history and the challenges that they are facing.

At each facility, each addict is physically and mentally assessed so that a course of treatment may be designed specifically for them. All of the individual's needs should be addressed and if the addict has a co-occurring mental disorder it should be treated along with the addiction treatment program.

Addiction Withdrawal:

The initial phase of treatment is the medical detox process where the addict is slowly weaned off of the offending substances. The addict is monitored and kept stable throughout the process and may receive medication to alleviate addiction withdrawal symptoms.

An addict should realize that the longer they remain in treatment the better it will be for them. The minimum recommended time period for initial treatment is no less than 90 days, especially for addicts who have other physical or mental health issues. The addict will begin a series of psychological treatments that should help them identify their dysfunctional thought and behavior patterns. These patterns will have to be removed and replaced with positive, healthy alternatives.

The longer the addict remains in treatment, the more time he has to become acquainted and adjusted to new ways of thinking and behaving. The types of addiction treatment that we offer are structured and designed to positively reinforce the renewing of the mind that the individual must undergo. Addicts owe it to themselves to give their recovery treatment as much time as possible to be effective and long-lasting.

Addiction Withdrawal Medications:

Research from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) shows evidence-based results that psychological counseling and addiction withdrawal medications are the best forms of addiction treatment. Some of the addiction withdrawal medications are:

  • Acamprosate – reduces physical and emotional distress, like anxiety and depression that is often caused by alcoholism. By treating these negative symptoms the addict is less likely to return to drinking alcohol.
  • Naltrexone – blocks the pleasurable effects of alcohol in the brain and subdues the urge to drink
  • Methadone – is used to treat opiate addiction by suppressing cravings, withdrawal symptoms and the euphoric effects of the drug
  • Burprenorphine – is similar to Methadone

Before committing to a rehab center, find out what types of addiction treatments they offer. Commit yourself to the recovery process and give yourself the time necessary to firmly establish the new paradigm shift that you are creating.

As you progress along in your treatment, you will find new hope and joy in living a life of sobriety, happiness, and fulfillment. Call Alcohol Treatment Centers Kansas City at (913)364-2364 now, and let us assist you in finding a rehab center that will meet all criteria.


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