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Taking part in substance abuse rehab can be a very important turning point in a person's life. If drugs or alcohol are having a negative impact on you or a loved one, substance abuse rehab programs are available in every state and have a variety of treatment options with the single goal of you transitioning to a drug-free lifestyle. When a person admits they want to get clean and enter substance abuse rehab, they have taken the first step in making a major change in their life. Although a person can be ordered by a legal judgment or forced by family members to participate in substance abuse rehab, most experts agree that only individuals who are committed to living a clean and sober life will be successful in any program.

Substance abuse takes on a slightly definition depending on the type of drug a person is taking. For example, prescription drug abuse includes instances where a person who has been prescribed a medication decides to increase the dose they are taking without consulting their doctor. In corollary, when someone "borrows" a friend or family member's prescription medication, even if they are taking it to treat the same symptoms that the drug is typically ordered for by a doctor, they are still abusing prescription drugs. Another use for the term drug abuse is in reference to the use of recreational drugs to a degree that is harmful to the person taking the substance, or those connected to them, or both.

Drug abuse treatments

Drug abuse treatments typically begin with the person discontinuing the use of their drug of choice and going through a period of detoxification. During this initial period, most individuals will experience withdrawal symptoms, especially if their abuse has led to addiction. Once a person has detoxed, either on their own or under medical supervision (which is usually encouraged), they can begin one of many types of drug rehabilitation programs. Depending on the severity of the abuse, an individual or their family members can select an in-patient, out-patient, or residential drug abuse treatment program. Each person's journey from drug abuse to recovery is different and in the end may include more than one type of treatment environment.

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