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Slurred speech, blurred vision and the inability to walk a straight line are physical evidence of alcohol-induced neurological impairment. The drinker who occasionally overindulges usually experiences this temporary brain deficit. For the habitual abuser however, less visible impairments like memory loss and the spinoff of multiple diseases may persist long after sobriety has been achieved.

A medical detox and period of rehabilitation will halt this mental and physical erosion. Severe withdrawal symptoms brought on by the abrupt cessation of alcohol consumption can be fatal. Physicians recommend medical detox as a safe alternative to the 'cold turkey" method.

Medical detox centers in Kansas City are conducted in a state of the art medically-equipped facility with board certified experienced addiction treatment teams providing ongoing monitoring for the entire detoxification process. If you're suffering from drug addiction in Kansas City, KS, Medical Detox can help you attain sobriety. Call (877) 804-1531 today to discuss treatment options!

What Is Medical Detox?

Medical detoxification is the careful and compassionate medical supervision of a patient during the elimination of drugs or alcohol from the body. The goals of our dedicated doctors and nurses are to...

  • Minimize the pain and severity of drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms
  • Stabilize risky biomedical complications.
  • Provide emergency treatment in the event of a serious health risk
  • Administer medication relevant to the patient's need without hindering the detox process
  • Maintain the patient's dignity and safety at all times

Withdrawal Symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms vary based on the health of the individual and the substance being abused. All patients must undergo a detailed assessment in order to determine the ideal detox plan prior to starting the process. Physical symptoms of withdrawal may include fever, vomiting, confusion and convulsions. Psychological symptoms may include depression, hallucinations and psychotic events.

Although withdrawal from heavy alcohol abuse is difficult for some, long-term use will destroy your health, and if left untreated, it will kill you. Alcoholics typically stay in the denial stage longer than people addicted to other drugs. This is partly due to the fact that drinking is viewed as socially acceptable.

There are indicators of alcoholism that many choose to ignore, such as a high tolerance level. This means the individual needs to drink more than the average person to get drunk. When heavy drinkers stop or decrease their consumption levels, they usually experience withdrawal symptoms, which may include irritability, anxiety and depression.

Why Withdrawal Requires Medical Assistance

The dangers inherent in alcohol withdrawal include the potential for Delirium Tremens (DTs). This is a condition that typically occurs in some patients three to five days following cessation of habitual drinking. DTs are dangerous because they cause severe disorientation, pulmonary disruption and fluctuation in body temperature. Dramatic spikes in temperature and blood pressure can trigger more serious conditions like cerebrovascular injury and cardiac arrest.

Without proper oversight and medical attention, seizures, strokes and death have been known to occur. The pain of withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol withdrawal is one of the causes of relapse. Many have tried to stop drinking on their own and quickly realize how overwhelming and dangerous the experience can be.

Choosing to undergo medical detox centers in Kansas City are not only safer and less painful than detoxing on your own, but it can also be a lifesaving decision. They help you get past the pain of withdrawing from drug and alcohol abuse and into a rehab program that can guide you toward a new way of living.

Getting Treatment

Addiction treatment comprises various traditional and holistic treatment modalities. Residential, partial hospitalization and outpatient options meet the need of individuals based on their life circumstances. This integrated approach provides a comprehensive healing experience that is effective in avoiding relapse.

Symptoms of withdrawal can be life-threatening. You can speak to someone about your with alcohol addiction at a trusted facility. Alcohol Treatment Centers Kansas City can alleviate your stress by helping you look for a treatment center and answer any other questions you may have.

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