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Drug abuse is perpetually driven by the desire to feel good. The problem with feeling good is that you always want more. More means euphoria, and that means drugs. The war against drugs is a drug abuse prevention in Kansas City that seeks to rescue lives from sickness and death.

Any substance that produces euphoria is subject to abuse. For the past several years, prescription drug overdose deaths in Kansas City have been exceeding deaths due to heroin and cocaine consumption. It's not surprising that drug abuse prevention in Kanas City has become a major health concern and a top priority for city officials.

Alcohol Treatment Centers Kansas City is aligned with Kansas City's goal for drug abuse prevention. As such, they provide the assistance needed for people who don't know where to begin, but are ready to enroll in a rehab center. We help people find the perfect center for them.

According to reports from the federal government, prescription drug abuse costs alone are estimated to be over $53 billion annually. Still, these staggering financial expenditures cannot compete with the far-reaching effects when even one life is lost through addiction. Sadly, this is an occurrence that is far too prevalent. For this reason, every effort of drug abuse prevention in Kansas City, whether from a judicial standpoint or through treatment, is necessary.

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The Steps of the Rehabilitation Process


  • Diagnosis

A proper diagnosis of every client is a top priority at a facility. Without the right diagnosis, the treatment plan implemented cannot be successful on a long-term basis. They are not into quick fixes or putting a patch on addiction. They are about restoring health and well-being to the whole person. At intake, a team of highly qualified addiction specialists conduct a thorough assessment that encompasses the physical, emotional and psychological status of each client.

This thorough evaluation assists in identifying underlying issues that may have led to or are driving the substance abuse. This process frequently identifies dual-diagnosis, also known as co-occurring disorders, which must be treated if the client is to have any hope of experiencing long term sobriety. They will design a program based on the results of this assessment and tailor it to the client's specific needs.

When a client is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, it is nearly impossible for them to fully participate in their own recovery. Board certified medical professionals design and monitor a detoxification procedure to wean or eliminate toxic substances from the body. This process is conducted in a comfortable environment that is furnished with top of the line medical equipment. Detoxification programs provide around the clock medical monitoring to manage withdrawal pain and address biomedical complications. The common goal is to ensure a safe passage from drug abuse to mental and physical stabilization.

  • Rehabilitation

Rehabilitation programs are client specific. They utilize and incorporate a treatment program that is acquired from multifaceted treatment protocols. These integrate traditional and alternative/holistic modalities that are backed up and strongly supported by both empirical and scientific research.

These treatment programs are provided on an inpatient/residential, partial hospitalization or outpatient basis. If you or a loved one is abusing drugs or alcohol, call Alcohol Treatment Center Kansas City to help you find the place you need to recover at (877) 804-1531.

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